Bluetooth headphones

A Short Comparison Between Wireless, Infrared & Bluetooth Headphones

Before delineating the important differences between each of these head phones, let us understand about them a little more in detail.

Infrared Headphones:

Infrared headphonesThese are used to listen to music or watch TV without the help of a cord or a wire. They make use of a transmitter that connects the audio cables with the audio source. These transmitters utilise LED diodes to direct a beam of light towards the receiver set up and the pulsating light beams behave as signals that are translated into sound waves. The transfer of music takes place through the transition in order to help you enjoy uninterrupted pleasure.

Wireless Headphones:

Wireless headphonesThese are also termed as cordless ear phones and contain electronic speakers that can be worn by the user right near their ears. They help receive sounds provided by the device through radio frequency ways, though they are not connected physically with the device.

Bluetooth Headphones:

Bluetooth headphonesThese are surround sound headphones that are designed to work with Bluetooth enabled equipment and gadgets. It incorporates a wireless technology where a Personal Area network is connected for device compatibility, though they are not physically connected with each other.

Wireless, Infrared or Bluetooth headphones-which offer the best choice?

One basic and common principle with all of these devices is that they work in a wireless medium without the help of cords. Wireless and Bluetooth headphones have the same methods of broadcasting and work on the same principles to receive audio waves.

Wireless phones are also known as radio frequency headphones as they make use of radio signals to establish a connection with the base or the target device. But most of the wireless devices such as cord less phones also make use of the same technology and have lots of competitors to delineate their way. There is an ample scope for signal interference with these phones.

Some more facts:

With the invention of Bluetooth headphones, the technology incorporated in Wireless headphones is quite simple. As Bluetooth headphones require no transmitter base, their applications are better and more popular as compared to the rest of the wireless varieties in the market.

With the help of two Bluetooth enabled devices, it is possible to pair the devices and create a network between them. Various types of data can be shared between these devices due to their PAN operability.

On the other hand, infrared headphones make use of infrared light energy. They use a form of electromagnetic radiation with a frequency lying below the red range in the colour spectrum.

Their working mechanism is similar to that of a TV remote control and the main difference is that the headset receives signals from a remote transmitter before converting it in to audio signals of the headset speakers.


The main drawback of IR headphones is that they need to be kept in tune with the transmitter device to refrain from deviating from the connection. But their great advantage is that, there is never any problem of signal interference.

Irrespective of their differences, all these infrared, wireless and Bluetooth devices offer the best audio quality for their users, along with ample freedom of movement that was not possible with traditional telephones or mobile phones.

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